Paula Watkins(non-registered)
Brother dear, I'm so proud. You have an eye so all can see what you see. It/they are awesome....stay focused, stay in touch. Great job, I expected nothing less.....
Chris Chaffee(non-registered)
Thanks Derrick for your creativity, and patience.. Look forward to working with you again.

Kudos for the great pics from the YMCA Father-Daughter Sweet Heart dance. You did lightening fast turn around getting those pics uploaded so quickly!
Lynea Hautamaki and Bryanna Recla!(non-registered)
Nice photos Derrick!! Just browsing the world wide web at school and came across these beautiful pictues! Keep up the good work!!!! :D
Suzette Kuehl
As always, I am your bigges fan!!
Lisa Orvis(non-registered)
Derrick! Your photos are amazing. What a range of images you're able to capture well - and such depth and shades of meaning/emotion. Really. Extraordinary.
Tracy T(non-registered)
Your website is awesome !!!!! I love it
The new website looks great!!! Nice Job Derrick
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